This page contains a list of all past FFDF Newsletters which you can download as a pdf document by clicking on the Issue Number (except older ones). If you cannot find something, use the Site-Search function. To register to receive a free copy of our newsletters via email when they are issued, go here: Register . The newsletter is published approximately bi-monthly.


Issue No. 82 (Oct 2021) Roads Blocked by Protestors, Latest Road Casualty Data, Air Quality in Lewisham, Diesel Emission Claims, IPCC Report, Making Electric Vehicles Practical, Electric Cars, Micro Cars and Cargo Bikes, Justice Denied.

Issue No. 81 (Aug 2021) Government Powers Ahead with Decarbonisation, Mayor Raking It In From ULEZ, ULEZ Costs Rise Again, Air Pollution Data in London, Subsidies to Electric Vehicles, The Cause of London's Problems, Andy Byford Speaks, Inflexible Trains and Trams, Transport Action Network Lose Legal Case, Changes to the Highway Code, Gear Change - Downwards, Congestion Charge Change, Do LTNs Cut Accidents?, Beech Street to Reopen, New TfL Hub, Lower Thames Crossing, Dulwich LTN, Croydon Decides on ANPR, Lewisham Cancels School Streets, Lewisham LTN Consultation, Walking the Streets, Lewisham Survey Results.

Issue No. 80 (Jun 2021) Election Results, The Mayor's Priorities, New York, Expanded ULEZ, Electric Cars, Avoiding Road Taxes, Great British Railways Plan, Transport Commissioner and Mayor's Special Pleading, Millions Collected in Fines, Biggin Hill Airport, Electric Boris Bikes, Crossing Lights at Red, E-Scooters Trial, The Danger of Cycling, Speed Awareness Courses, Surveys Against LTNs, In Praise of the Car, Harrow Scraps LTNs.  

Issue No. 79 (Apr 2021) More Changes at Bank, Why LTNs are Failing, Delays to Emergency Services, School Streets, LTNs Force Vehicles into Poorer Roads, Judical Reviews, Camden Road Closures, Greenwich LTN, Opposition to Enfield Regime, Horn Park and Weigall Road LTN, FOI Request Ignored, Albemarle Road Bromley, Better Deal for Bus Users?, Profits from Parking, Blackwall Tunnel Fire, Police Bill, Towing Away of Vehicles, London Elections.

Issue No. 78 (Feb 2021) Streetspace Plan Overturned, Legal Action Against LTNs, LTNs Not Popular, LTNs Are Collapsing, Pollution in LTN Rose, Nigel Farage's Pledge, Emergency Service Access Problems, Ella Kissi-Debrah Inquest, Turning London Into a Ghetto, Tax Rises From the Mayor of London.

 Note: Newsletters published in 2010 to 2020 were published under a different name and are not stored on our web site but can be supplied upon request. The contents are given in this document: Archive-London-Newsletters

BBRAG Newsletters (1999-2009). Note that before 2010 there was a newsletter issued by the Bromley Borough Roads Action Group (BBRAG) which covered many of the same issues. These go back as far as 1999. The BBRAG web site is now archived, but this document contains a list of the newsletter contents which are still available upon request: BBRAG-Newsletters.

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