Mayor’s Transport Strategy - Campaign Meeting

On the 28th April 2018 we are holding a meeting for supporters of our campaign against the Mayor’s Transport Strategy in central London.

To register to attend this meeting, please use the form below.


This meeting will help to plan our future strategy to defeat the policies being promoted by the Mayor. It will also enable supporters to ask questions of the organisers of this campaign and suggest how it can be improved.

It will take place on Saturday the 28th April commencing at 10.30 am and last under 2 hours. Location will be central London (exact location to be advised later).

Please use the form below to register your planned attendance at this event. If you have any questions about it, please call 020-8295-0378. Please register soon to avoid being disappointed as there will be limited capacity at the planned venue.

In the meantime, if you live in one of the London boroughs and bearing in mind the forthcoming borough elections we suggest you write to your local councillors - a template letter you can use is present here:

PDF-Template  (This is a pdf document, if you prefer it in some other format please contact us). Make sure you personalise it with your own comments.

Note: if you cannot make the proposed date or time please use the Contact page to suggest alternative dates.

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