Environment and Air Pollution

There are major concerns about air pollution in London. Emissions from vehicles are a significant contributor to air pollution - particularly for NOX, although private cars cause only a small proportion of the overall total. Emissions from vehicles have also been reducing substantially and will continue to fall further as the vehicle fleet turns over (newer vehicles are much less polluting). But the Mayor of London is proposing much tougher controls, particularly on diesel vehicles.

We made some comments in February 2013 in this Press Release on the then Mayor's latest "game-changing" strategy to tackle air pollution: ABD-Press040

There was extensive coverage of the proposals for a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) covering central London in our Newsletters in July 2016 - see: Newsletter-51 , and in December 2016, February 2017 and April 2017 editions - see Newsletter-53, Newsletter-54 and Newsletter-55

Note that on the 18th December 2017, the Information Commissioner’s Office issued a Decision Notice requiring TfL to disclose the budgets for the ULEZ extension. It can be read here: ICO-Decision-ULEZ-Request . An explanation was provided on our blog here: ICO-Decision

The budget figures subsequently disclosed by TfL, our own estimates of the revenue which are wildly different, and the cost/benefit ratio, are contained in this document: Cost-of-the-ULEZ . Subsequently TfL disclosed some more estimates of the likely income and operating costs of the ULEZ which appear more realistic. These, and the history of delays and obfuscation by TfL are present in this note: ULEZ-Profits.

An interesting paper was produced by Neil Oliver on the "Social Costs of Air Pollution from Cars in the UK" in Augist 2017. It can be read here: Social-Costs-Cars

Our submission to the public consultation on changes to the LEZ and ULEZ (including expansion of the latter to within the North/South Circular) is present here: ULEZ-Extension-Consultation

As air pollution is a hot topic at present, there are likely to be more articles on the ABD London Blog - use the blog search to find more.

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