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Mayor Listens to London and Scraps Congestion Charge. Boris Johnson has confirmed that he is scrapping the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge on the 24th December 2010. See Press031 for more information (and previous press release Press027). This is a major victory for the ABD and other organisations who actively campaigned against this charge such as the West London Residents Association.

The ABD recommended you support the removal of the Western Extension of the London Congestion Zone). Our reasons were simple:

  • It did not result in any reduction in traffic congestion.
  • It did not provide any environmental benefits whatsoever.

Despite forecasts by the previous Mayor of substantial reductions in traffic congestion, these simply did not arise with congestion remaining much as it was. In addition the revenue it raised to subsidise public transport was very small (75% of the fees paid got consumed by operation of the scheme). Neither did measured air quality improve while many businesses were damaged by the scheme.  The initial consultation document issued by Transport for London was grossly misleading (see our press release at Press026 for details).  Do not be fooled by their half truths and evasions.  The scheme clearly did not met its specified objectives.


This page contains details of our campaign to scrap the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge (or "Tax" as it should be called). The latest news is at the bottom of this page.

The Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge Zone was introduced in February 2007 despite overwhelming public opposition in the previous public consultation exercise (go to this page for more details of those objections: Objections). Below is a map (source: TfL) that shows the extent of the Congestion Charge Zone in 2009 and the area to the west of the intersecting "free passageway" via Park Lane was the Western Extension.

In July 2008, recently elected Mayor Boris Johnson announced that there was to be a fresh consultation on the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge. This was a promise in his Mayoral election manifesto. This is what he said in a press release issued at that time:   

“The previous Mayor made the decision to introduce the western extension in the face of overwhelming opposition. Unlike my predecessor, I am going into this with an open mind and this will be a genuine consultation. It is high time that politicians listened to the people whom they represent and I am proud to keep the pledge made during my election campaign to hold a further consultation. Londoners can be assured that, whether they stand for or against, this time their opinions will be respected and we will abide by the results.

The western extension is a massive issue for those that live and work in the west of our city and the consultation is likely to elicit strong views. This is not a referendum, so it won't be limited to a 'do you or don't you want to keep it?’

Yes, there will be the option to scrap it, but there will also be other options including keeping it and changing certain aspects of it, like whether it should operate all day. But this will be an opportunity for everyone with experience of the extension to tell me whether they want to see it removed, improved or if they are simply unmoved.”

The following press release was issued by the ABD following the publication of the Sixth Annual Monitoring Report on the London Congestion Charge by TfL: Press025 - the TfL report gave some details on how ineffective the Western Extension was at reducing traffic congestion. For a more detailed analysis, read this note: Congestion_Charge_Report_2008

On the 1st September 2008 the consultation was launched. The ABD issued this press release explaining why the consultation document was grossly misleading and advising people how to vote: Press026 . Our full response to the consultation was given in this document: Westcon_Consultation

Note that the ABD co-operated with the West London Residents Association on this campaign who were the most active organisers of opposition to the Western Extension for several years. A summary of their Chairman's comments on the status of the scheme are given in this file: WLRA_Report

On the 27th November 2008 the Mayor, Boris Johnson, announced that he was planning to scrap the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge by 2010 after formal public consultation. See Press027 for more information.

There was a further consultation on this matter as part of the consultation on the Mayors Transport Strategy in 2010 and a final statutory consultation on it in May 2010 (and on other changes to the Congestion Charge scheme).

Our response was submitted in this document: Western_Consultation_2

The Mayor published his final decision on this matter on the 20th October 2010, which means it will definitely be shut down on Christmas Eve 2010 - see for details.

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This was the call to Vote Against (and save £8 per day): vote.

This was the leaflet that we issued: Leaflet (monochome version: LeafletG)

For information on our previous campaign in Greenwich against congestion charging go here: Greenwich

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