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This page contains all Press Releases issued by the ABD to the London press and other media (in reverse date order). Go to the main ABD web site for national press releases. Go to the following page for all responses to public consultations: Consultations . Note that before December 2012, the Alliance of British Drivers was known as the Association of British Drivers.

Date  Number  Summary  Click on to read
05/03/2017 047  Making Bribery of the Police Legal (Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill)  ABD_Press047
15/07/2016 045  ABD Launches Campaign Against Speed Awareness Courses  ABD_Press045
08/09/2014 044  East-West Cycle Superhighway - A major attack on London's road network  ABD_Press044
21/10/2013 043  City and TfL plan 20-mph limits on main London roads  ABD_Press043
22/07/2013 042  Barnet Parking Charges Defeated.  ABD_Press042
16/03/2013 041  Rotherhithe Tunnel width restriction to be tightened.  ABD_Press041
14/02/2013 040  Boris Johnson Kowtows to Environmentalists and Anti-car fanatics.  ABD_Press040
11/01/2013 039  Government to Raise 7bn from the Dartford Crossing  ABD_Press039
04/01/2013 038  New Speed Cameras Confirmed  ABD_Press038
03/09/2012 037  TfL Pushes Ahead with More Average Speed Cameras  ABD_Press037
08/05/2011 036  Permit Parking Charges and Barnet Legal Action  ABD_Press036
12/01/2011 034  Speed Cameras Do Not Save Lives  ABD_Press034
06/12/2010 032  Campaign Against 20 Mph Average Speed Cameras  ABD_Press032
23/11/2010 033  ABD Opposes Lane Rental Scheme to Reduce Road Works  ABD_Press033
21/10/2010 031  Congestion Charge Definitely Scrapped  ABD_Press031
18/10/2010 030  Profiteering from Parking by London Boroughs  ABD_Press030
16/08/2010 029  ABD Opposes Olympic Route Plan and 200 Penalty Charges  ABD_Press029
05/01/2010 028  Drivers' Group Slams London's Biased Transport Consultation  ABD_Press028
27/11/2008 027  London Congestion Charge - Western Extension Abolished  ABD_Press027
01/09/2008 026  Don't Be Fooled - Western Extension Consultation  ABD_Press026
07/08/2008 025  Congestion Charging Shown to be a Failure  ABD_Press025
08/07/2008 024  ABD Welcomes Scrapping of 25 Congestion Charge  ABD_Press024
21/02/2008 023  ABD Welcomes Porsche Challenge to London Emissions Tax  ABD_Press023
13/02/2008 022  Mayor Livingstone Again Ignores the Views of the Public  ABD_Press022
04/11/2007 020  Surveys Show Overwhelming Opposition to Greenwich Tolls  ABD_Press020
04/09/2007 019  ABD Announces Public Meeting on Greenwich Tolls  ABD_Press019
10/08/2007 018  25 Congestion Charge - Ignorance Personified  ABD_Press018
31/07/2007 017  Thames Gateway Bridge - A Victory for the Luddites?  ABD_Press017
20/07/2007 016  London Congestion Worsening - It's Official!  ABD_Press016
20/07/2007 015  Privacy Rights of London Motorists Ignored Again  ABD_Press015
15/07/2007 014  ABD Opposes Greenwich Tolls  ABD_Press014
09/07/2007 013  Transport for London Obstructs Disclosure of Information  ABD_Press013
24/06/2007 012  Misleading Air Pollution Claims by Mayor of London  ABD_Press012
22/04/2007 011  Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow  ABD_Press011
30/03/2007 010  Ealing Councillors Ignore Residents Decision  ABD_Press010
26/02/2007 009  Ealing Residents Vote Against Speed Humps  ABD_Press009
14/02/2007 008  London Congestion Worse and Air Pollution No Better  ABD_Press008
29/01/2007 007  The Truth About the Speed Hump Scheme in Ealing  ABD_Press007
25/01/2007 006  Even Richmond Babies Voted for CO2 Parking Charges  ABD_Press006
17/01/2007 005  Richmond Residents Decisively Oppose CO2 CPZ Tax  ABD_Press005
17/11/2006 003  Ealing Traffic Calming Scheme (Speed Humps)  ABD_Press003
17/11/2006 002  Emission Based Congestion Charges (25 Toll)  ABD_Press002
17/11/2006 001  Richmond CO2 Based Parking Charges  ABD_Press001


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