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The London Region of the ABD publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which contains information on local items of topical interest and also general articles on transport matters in London - this is in addition to the "OTR" Newsletter published by the ABD nationally.

The contents of previous issues are summarised below, and you can obtain the full version as a pdf document by clicking on the Issue Number. Note that before December 2012, the Alliance of British Drivers was called the Association of British Drivers.

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  Issue No.   Date   Contents
056 Jun 2017  London and the Party Manifestos, Air Pollution and the ULEZ, UK Air Quality Plan, Air Pollution - Oxford Street Buses and Nanoparticles, Bank Junction Closed To Traffic, The Rise of Non-Travel, Reader's Letter, Permit Parking Charges in Lambeth, Survey Results, Croydon 20 - Pushing Ahead Regardless, 20MPH in Bath, 20MPH in the City.
055 Apr 2017  Mayor's Latest Proposals for ULEZ, UK Air Pollution - The Facts, Diesel Vehicle Petition, Speed Humps to Slow Cyclists, Thames Crossing, Publicity For Traffic Management Proposals, 20 Mph Makes Very Little Difference, Or 20 Mph Makes Matters Worse.
054 Feb 2017  Air Pollution and the ULEZ, Diesel Parking Charges, More Cyclists and More Delays, Cycle Superhighway 11 Goes Ahead But Another Halted, TfL Business Plan: Enormous Bus Subsidies Still Rising, Solutions to Traffic Congestion, Bank Junction Closure, Croydon Proceeds with 20 Mph Zones.
053 Dec 2016  Second Consultation on ULEZ, Diesel Permit Parking Surcharge in Merton, Heathrow Airport and Environmental Pollution, Mayor Calls for Congestion Charge on VW, Traffic in the City of London and Beech Street, Banker Fined for Dangerous Cycling, The Garden Bridge - Surely a Vanity Project, TfL's Damaging Proposals for Cycle Superhighway 11, ABD Comments on HS2.
052 Oct 2016  GLA Scrutinise Traffic Congestion in London, Mayor Supports More River Crossings, Tower Bridge and Shorter Street Closures, Cable Street Road Closures, Transgender Traffic Lights, Profits From Yellow Box Junctions, Speed Awareness Courses and Police Waivers, Community Roadwatch and Speed Awareness Courses, Safer Lorries to Help Cyclists and Pedestrians, Richard Branson Survives Speed Hump Collision
051 Jul 2016  Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), New Mayor's First Acts, New Mayor's Broken Promise, Old Mayor's Advice Ignored, Speed Humps and Air Pollution, Cycling and Walking Strategy, Opposition to Cycle Superhighway 11, Bristol Mayor, ABD Launches Campaign Against Speed Awareness Courses, Shorter Street Closure, Miscellanours News, Congestion Taxes Unpaid.
050 May 2016  London Mayor Transport Policies, 20Mph in Croydon, Croydon Pushes Ahead with 20 Mph in Zone 2, Cyclists Racing on London Streets, London Divided and Cycling Accident Rates, Janet-Street Porter's Views on the Cycle Superhighways, Shorter Street Closed, Traffic Congestion Increased, Council Transport Policies Driven by Opinion, Miscellaneous News: RideLondon, ULEZ, Bus Usage in London, 20Mph Enforcement in the City.
049 Mar 2016  Travel in London - It's Changing, Mayor's Transport Budget, Backlash Against 20mph in Hammersmith & Fulham, More Congestion in the City, Are Cyclists Racing on London's Streets, HGVs and Cycle Safety, The Latest Accident on Chislehurst Commons, Accident Statistics - An Inconvenient Truth, Cycle Superhighway on the A40 Westway, Castles in the Air or Tunnels Under London?, Cars to be Included in the LEZ?, ABD Press Release on Speed Cameras, Quietways Consultations
048 Dec 2015  Boris More Damaging than the Blitz, Euston Road to be Degraded, Police Forces Bending the Rules for Profit, Prolific Speed Cameras, Gallions Reach and Belvedre River Crossings, Westminster Bridge, Vauxhall Cross and Wansworth Town Centre Changes, Croydon 20 Mph, Ealing 20 Mph, Croydon Raking it in from Video Cameras, Bank Junction to be Closed?, Lambeth Reopens Loughborough Road Junction, Follow the Blog, Uber Wins Judicial Review, Learning from Mistakes, Councils Profit from Parking, Hammersmith & Fulham 20 Mph
047 Oct 2015  City of London 20mph - First Results, Blackwall Tunnel Consultation, Lambeth 20mph, Road Closures in Lambeth, And Road Closures in Hackney, Parking Cameras in Bromley, Bus Passes for the Homeless, Luddite Black Cab Drivers, Road Casualties in London, Parking Fines in London, Air Pollution from Vehicles
046 Aug 2015  Croydon 20mph Consultation Results Rigged, London Leads Europe on Congestion, Challenge to Embankment Superhighway, Vehicle Duties and Other Budget Changes, Islington 20 Mph Everywhere, Hammersmith & Fulham 20 Mph, Croydon Closure of Norbury Avenue, Street Lighting, Billionaire Speaks Out, Air Pollution.
045 May 2015  Croydon 20mph Consultation, 20mph Speed Limits, Large Numbers of Dartford Crossing Penalty Charges, East London River Crossings, Car Turntables, Parking Regulation Changes, Greens Lose Brighton, Minicabs and Rickshaw Under Attack, The Size of TfL, It Pays to Challenge PCNs
044 Feb 2015  Go-Ahead for East-West and Other Cycle Superhighways, How Much is "Ambience" Worth?, More Speed Cameras Everywhere, Chelsea Bridge to Embankment - A New Kind of Junction, Increasing Journey Times: London Wall and Bow Roundabouts, 20 Mph Enforcement, London Boroughs to Target Diesel Cars, Increased Parking Charges
043 Jan 2015  New ABD Blog, East-West Cycle Superhighway and Transparency Consultation, Removing Bus Lanes in Liverpool and London, More Speed Cameras and More Fines, Dartford Crossing Fines, Barnet Emissions Based Permit Parking, Stockwell Gyratory
042 Nov 2014  Silvertown Tunnel Consultation, East-West Cycle Superhighway, Vauxhall Cross Redesign, 20 Mph Schemes, Ultra Low Emission Zone Consultation, Miscellaneous News: Maximum parking standards, Dartford Crossing Free-Flow and new fees, Barclays Cycle Hire economics, New car park at Chislehurst Station, Giving way for emergency vehicles.
041 Oct 2014  East-West Cycle Superhighway, Superhighways and Super Sewers, North-South Cycle Superhighway, Croydon aims for blanket 20mph limits, Air Quality, Parking Camera Enforcement
040 Jul 2014  Tottenham Court Road Proposals, Chislehurst Commons Roads, Consultation on Parking, Mayor Ignores Opposition to Congestion Charge Tax Rise, Public Consultation on Cycle Safety
039 May 2014  Roads Task Force Progress Report and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), Congestion Tax to Rise, Traffic Spies
038 Jan 2014  Local Authority Parking Consultation, Changing a Borough's Parking Policies, Cycling in London, Flashing Cycle Lights, Aldgate Gyratory Redesign, Deaths on the Roads, Thames River Crossings, More Average Speed Cameras, Wide Area 20 Mph Speed Limits
037 Sep 2013  A14 Tolling, HS2, Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, Roads Task Force, RideLondon Event, Surrey Cycling Strategy
036 Jul 2013  Barnet Parking Charges Defeated, Rotherhithe Tunnel, New Car Park at Chislehurst, London Thames River Crossings, Dartford (Lower Thames Crossings), Roads Task Force
035 Mar 2013  Chaos at Rotherhithe Tunnel, Cycling Revolution in London?, Traffic Speeds Will Fall, UKIP Anti-Tolls Campaign, Traffic News & Web Cams Site, Boris Johnson's "Game Changer", Complaints About Rail Fares, Speed Awareness Courses and Speed Summit
034 Jan 2013  New Thames River Crossings, Dartford Crossing Free-Flow Charging, Location of New Average Speed Cameras Confirmed, New Bridge Opened in Bromley, Flying to Excel via Cable Car, Drive Recorders, Speed Camera Effectiveness - the Latest Research, Which Road Ahead? Road Privatisation
033 Nov 2012  New Thames Rover Crossing, Old Thames River Crossing, 20mph Speed Limits, Pedestrian Fatalities in London, Speed Humps and Spinal Fractures, London Road Safety Action Plan, Distorted Road Safety Budgets, More Speed Cameras in London, Speed Camera Count, Roads Task Force Consultation, Lambeth Speed Humps, Road User Charging by the Back Door?
032 Aug 2012  The London Olympics, Boris Beats Ken, 20-Mph Zones, Eden Park CPZ Canned, Parking Report from the RAC
031 Apr 2012  Boris versus Ken Debate Continues, Exhibition Road Shared Space Scheme, Speed Humps Successfully Challenged, Bromley News, CCTV Camera Cars, Buses Blamed for Poor Air Quality, Minicabs in Bus Lanes, Brian Coleman to be Ejected? Speed Camera Count
030 Feb 2012  Perverting Justice, Thames Valley Speed Cameras, East London River Crossings, Defeat in Barnet, Victory in Westminster, Local Consultations, Johnson versus Livingstone Again, Speed Camera Count
029 Dec 2011  Parking & Judicial Reviews, Coming to a Bus Stop Near You?, Speed Humps May Be Illegal, Parking and Camera Enforcement, Boris Island Takes Off, Transport Spending, Dartford Crossing, Speed Camera Count, Perverting Justice
028 Oct 2011  Speed Hump Petition, Other Petitions, Localism Bill, Speed Camera Count in London, Perverting Justice, Why Trams Belong in Museums, Managed Motorways, Railway Bridge Closure, TfL Surplus Staff, Speed Limit Changes, Accident Information
027 Aug 2011  Dartford Crossing Tolls Rise, Transport Expenditure, Improving Happiness, Blackfriars Bridge, Perverting Justice?, The Future of Road Congestion in London
026 Jun 2011  Barnet CPZ Legal Action, ABD Members Meeting, No Net Revenue from Congestion Tax, Cycle Hire Scheme, Harassed by Schoolchildren?, Blackfriars Bridge, Rotherhithe Tunnel 20 Mph Cameras
025 Apr 2011  Perverting Justice, Electronic Petitions, Camera Enforcement of Parking, High Speed Rail (HS2), Blackfriars Bridge, TSUG News, TfL Business Plan
024 Feb 2011  Revised London Penalty Charges, TfL Traffic Offence Profits, Richmond Parking, Congestion Tax is a Tax, 20 Mph Speed Cameras - the Facts, Surveillance by Cameras, RAC Foundation Report, Speed Cameras on the A13, Local Implementation Plans, No Warrants, Drivers Charter in H&F
023 Jan 2011  No 20 Cameras Campaign, Do Average Speed Cameras Work?, Profiting from Parking, It Pays to Appeal, TfL Traffic Offence Profits, A Wheeze by Westminster, DfT Business Plan
022 Dec 2010  20 Mph Zones in Portsmouth, Removing Traffic Lights, Profiting from Parking, CCTV Parking Enforcement, Congestion Charge Changes, Travel in London, Government Spending Review.
021 Oct 2010  Parking Fines, Bromley's Parking Revenue, Permit Parking Schemes, Olympic Route Network, Cycle Hire Scheme, Road Works & Road Sense, Mayor's Business Plan, Livingstone's Transport Policies, E-Petitions, Dartford Crossing & the M25, Motor City - Hither Green, Local Government Ombudsman, Speed Display Devices v. Cameras
020 Aug 2010  Cycle Superhighways,  Pie in the Sky?,  Richmond Parking Charges, Air Quality Strategy, Scrapping Traffic Lights, Kulveer Ranger and Cycling, Your Freedom, Motorcycles in Bus Lanes, Road Tolls in Outer London, Greenwich Town Centre, Councils Duty to Road Users, London Accident Statistics, Parking Charges in London, Congestion Charge Consultation
019 Jun 2010  General Election Impact, Richmond Election Result, Air Quality Consultation, Congestion Charge Consultation, Mayor's Transport Strategy, London Borough Briefing  
018 Apr 2010  Mayor's Air Quality Strategy, Blackwall Tunnel Improvements, Drivers Alliance & Election, How London Boroughs Work, Parking in Croydon  
017 Feb 2010  Mayor's Transport Strategy, Climate Change Strategy and FOI, Budget Cuts, West End Parking, Oxford Circus Pedestrian Crossing, Useful Data and Traffic Flows, Electric Cabs, Greenwich Town Centre, 20-Mph Zones, Labour's Transport Policies
016 Dec 2009  Mayor's Transport Strategy, Brian Mooney's Comments, Cycle Superhighways & Hire Scheme, Congestion Tax Changes, Roadworks Permit Scheme, Speed Cameras


015 Sept 2009  Mayor's Transport Strategy, One Way Streets, Costs Awards in Criminal Cases, Thames Crossings, Stepney Way Now Unimpeded, Newsletters on Web Site  
014 Jun 2009  Electric Cars Plugged in London, Every Breath You Take, 20 Mph Too Low?, The Causes of Accidents, Mayor's Transport Strategy, Does Policing Reduce Accidents?, Travel Plans, Coulsdon Parking Proposals
013 Apr 2009  Contentious Shared Space, Memorial Flowers, Specs 3 Cameras, Letters (Aldgate Scheme)
012 Dec 2008  Congestion Charge to be Abolished, 20 Mph Speed Limits, Speed Humps - London News, SIDs Do Work, Environmental Debate, Not Guilty, But You'll Still Pay, Boris's Way to Go, Mayor's Recent Decisions, LIP Funding & Distorted Priorities, New "Routemaster" Winners, The Olympic Route Network
011 Sept 2008  London Congestion Tax, Western Extension Consultation, Wide Area 20Mph Speed Limits, Pedestrianisation of Parliament Square
010 July 2008  Johnson Announces Congestion Charge Consultation, New Routemaster Competition, 25 Congestion Charge Scrapped, Speed Table Noise & Vibration, Child Car Safety Seats, New Policies at TfL?, Bus Lanes, Cycling and Road Safety, When Traffic Offences are Void, Speed Humps & The Disabled, Mobile Phone Parking, Speed Cameras
009 May 2008  Election Results, TfL and the Ipsos/Mori Survey, No Privacy in London, Dartford Crossing Tolls, Road Works to be Controlled?, Debate on Road Pricing, Traffic Counts Not Rising
008 Mar 2008

 Mayoral Candidate Policies, Petition Against Speed Humps in Chislehurst, A Personal Story of Speed Camera Persecution, Croydon Tramlink Takeover by TfL, "Driving Change" Seminar, 25 Congestion Charge Challenge, Motorbikes in Bus Lanes, Harrassment by Bailiffs

007 Jan 2008

 Parliament Square to be "Improved", Speed Humps Double Emissions, Green Party Coerces Livingstone, The Mayoral Elections, Living Under Livingstone, Traffic Calming in Tower Hamlets, London Travel Report 2007, 25 Congestion Charge, Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish?

006 Nov 2007

 Lycra Louts and Cycle Stop Lines, Road Deaths in London Rise, Third World Country Subsidises London Bus Fares, New ABD London Region Web Site, Living Under Livingstone, Overwhelming Opposition to Greenwich Road Tolls, 20 Mph Speed Limits, More Anti-Car Plans, Capita and the Congestion Charge, How to Collect Cash from the Public

005 Sep 2007

 Cars and Air Pollution - The Facts, Manchester Congestion Tax, TfL, FOI and the Blackwall Tunnel, ABD Launches Campaign Against the Greenwich Congestion Charge, Proposed 25 Congestion Charge, Higher Penalties for Congestion Charge Infringers, Response to Hump Petition, London Van Guide, Richmond Persecution Continues, Thames Gateway Bridge - A Victory for the Luddites?, West London Tram is Dead, The Four Hills Speed Hump Study

004 Jul 2007

 Greenwich Road Tolls and Blackwall Tunnel Tidal Flow, Road Pricing - the Key Issues, Transport 2000 Funding, London LEZ, Bus Jams, Tramlink Extension Consultation, The Dangers of Bendy Buses, Ealing Traffic Calming Update, The Cost of London's Freedom Pass, Challenging Ken Livingstone on Congestion Charging & Pollution, IPSOS/MORI Conference Report, Unreasonable Camera Enforcement in Lambeth, Another London Mayoral Candidate, Speed Humps in Leyton

003 May 2007

 Toronto Rejects Congestion Charging, Greenwich Road Tolls, Tidal Flow in Blackwall Tunnel Ended, Bromley Council Opposes Road Pricing, New London Parking Service, Black Cabs in Mourning?, Community Speed Watch, Speeding Fines - A Lottery for Honest Drivers, Parking Permit Votes in Islington, A New Threat to Your Freedom

002 Mar 2007

 Petitions Against Road Pricing and Speed Humps, London's Low Emission Zone, Richmond Permit Parking Campaign, Ealing Campaign, Croydon Tramlink, Tramlink and Bus Competition, Cross River Tram, New Draconian Powers in TfL Bill, Mayoral Candidate Steps Forward, Orpington Bus Lane Cameras, Bromley Road Safety Plan,

Dartford Crossing Consultation, Congestion Charge Extension

001 Jan 2007

 Inaugural Meeting of London Members, Croydon Tramlink Extension, More Red Lights and Slower Traffic Speeds, Orpington Bus Lane Cameras, Dartford Crossing Toll Changes, Richmond Permit Parking Scheme, New London Traffic Web Site, LEZ Consultation, The Latest Attack on Car Owners, Figures Demonstrate Road Safety Policy is Wrong, The Eddington Report, Conservatives "Getting Around", Greenwich the Next Area for Congestion Tax in London?, Sign a Petition Against Road Tolls

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 Note that prior to June 2009 a separate newsletter was published (edited by the same author) for Bromley residents (members of the BBRAG group). It contained many similar articles but older editions, which go back to 1999, contain many interesting articles that are not in the ABD London newsletters. These BBRAG newsletters can be found on this page: BBRAG Newsletters.


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