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The following news items are a brief summary of local or national events that may be of interest to our members and other people. For further details, contact the ABD or refer to our Newsletters. Note: go to Press_Releases for a list of the Press Releases and Consultation Submissions issued by the London Region of the ABD.

Note that the ABD London also publishes a blog which contains topical news - see Blog . It contains longer reports on topical news, and the latest news is likely to be posted there first. You can post your comments on news items there.

15/07/2016 Campaign Against Speed Awareness Courses and Police Waivers by the ABD. The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has launched a campaign (AMPOW) against the misuse of speed awareness courses because the actions of the police in offering such "Education Courses" as an alternative to prosecution for speeding and other offences are distorting road safety policy. It is leading to the proliferation of speed cameras and threatened prosecutions because the police now have a direct financial incentive to maximise their activities in this area. See for more information.
11/05/2015 ABD Campaign to Oppose Wide-Area 20 MPH Speed Limits in Croydon. Croydon Council are consulting on proposals to introduce 20 mph speed limits over wide areas of Croydon, commencing with Croydon North. These would be "sign only" schemes with no real benefits in terms of likely road safety improvements or any other advantages. The claims made by Croydon Council are grossly misleading. Make sure you oppose these proposals. Go here for more information and a link to the councils consultation page: Croydon20 .
06/09/2014 Boris Johnson plans to destroy major East-West route in London. TfL opened a consultation on the  East-West Cycle Superhighway that it is proposed should run along the Embankment and Upper/Lower Thames Street in the City. Most of the route will have two lanes reduced to one when this major road between the City and West End is already heavily congested (with major air pollution problems already which will get worse as a result). See this document for the ABD's analysis of the proposals: East-West Cycle Superhighway . Postscript: after a very defective consultation but a few changes due to objections made, these proposals were approved. You can see the ABD's comments on the outcome and the process in this newsletter: Newsletter44
02/07/2014 Congestion Charge Tax Increase Approved. The proposal to increase the Congestion Charge (see below) was approved by the Mayor despite the fact that 11,000 people responded of which 77% opposed any increase. It just shows the continuing strength of opposition to this tax and the unwillingness of politicians to listen to the people on this matter.
07/03/2014 Congestion Charge Tax to be Increased. It is proposed to raise the standard rate to 11.50 per day. The ABD has submitted these comments to the public consultation: "The proposed increase in charges is outrageous. Since the Congestion Charge Tax was introduced in February 2003, the Retail Price Index has increased by 41%.  The original Congestion Charge fee was 5 per day, and it is now proposed to be 11.50 - which is an increase of  130%. The charge should be reduced not increased.   In addition, it has been made more and more difficult to pay the charge with limited hours on the phone service (and long response times), no retail outlets supported and other steps taken to raise more and more money from users. It is clear that this scheme is all about raising revenue and not about reducing congestion. Indeed congestion has not come down, and TfL don't even bother to publish figures for it any more - presumably too embarrassed to do so, or wish to hide the true facts. This tax should be scrapped, not increased."
21/10/2013 City and TfL plan 20-mph limits on main London roads. Without consulting the road users, Transport for London (TfL) and the City of London Corporation plan to impose 20-mph speed limits on TfL controlled roads in the City. That includes on Upper/Lower Thames Street (the A3211), one of the key arterial routes from East to West through London. See Press043 for more information.
22/07/2013 Barnet Parking Charges Defeated. The High Court has upheld the challenge from a group of local residents to the massive rises in permit parking charges imposed by Barnet Council. See ABD_Press042 for more information.
16/03/2013 UKIP launches campaign to scrap road tolls. UKIP launched a "Scrap the Tolls" campaign on the 18th March with demonstrations at the Dartford Crossing, at Tower Bridge Road for the London Congestion Charge and elsewhere in the country.
16/03/2013 Rotherhithe Tunnel width restriction tightened.  An even tighter width restriction of 6'6" was imposed on the Rotherhithe Tunnel from the 19th March, in an attempt to restrict access to only smaller vehicles. See Press041 for details for the press release we issued in advance. But traffic chaos resulted. See this article for more information: Rotherhithe Tunnel. The width restriction was subsequently removed.
14/02/2013 Boris Johnson Kowtows to Environmentalists and Anti-car fanatics. The Mayor of London has announced that there will be a ban on all but low emission cars in central London. This is the press release we issued on the subject: Press040
11/01/2013 Government to Raise 7bn from the Dartford Crossing.  The Highways Agency is likely to raise a net 7 billion for Government coffers from road users over 25 years by the introduction of "free-flow" charging at the Dartford Crossing, to which the ABD is strongly opposed. See this press release for more information: Press039 and don't forget to sign the e-petition here:
04/01/2013 Location of New Average Speed Cameras Confirmed.  The proposed location of new average speed cameras on a number of the main arterial routes into London have been confirmed. See this press release for more information: Press038
30/12/2012 Thames River Crossings and Tolls.  Public consultations are taking place on Free-Flow Charging at the Dartford Crossing, and also for new Thames River Crossings in East London which will also be tolled. See our latest newsletter for more information here: News034 and this page for our responses to the consultations: Consultations
03/11/2012 ABD Merger and New Name.  The Association of British Drivers has merged with the Drivers Alliance and the new organisation will be called the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) in future. See for more information.
28/09/2012 Road Safety Action Plan Consultation.  The ABD has submitted this response to the London Road Safety Action Plan Consultation: Road_Safety_Action_Plan . A plan with no budgets and no clear priorities.
03/09/2012 More Average Speed Cameras in London.  Transport for London (TfL) is pushing ahead with more average speed cameras in London, but refuses to say where they will be installed. See ABD_Press037 for more information. Postscript: note that there is a lot more information on this subject in our November Newsletter - see News033
02/09/2012 Roads Task Force Consultation.  The ABD has submitted this response to the Mayor's London Roads Task Force Consultation: Roads_Task_Force . It explains how we think London's roads can be improved.
04/08/2012 London Olympics Transport Report A report on the travel arrangements in London during the Olympics is present here: Olympics_Report - congestion not as bad as expected but many visitors have been scared away.
12/02/2012 Victory in Westminster.  The proposals for large increases in parking charges in the London Borough of Westminster have been abandoned after the threat of a judicial review. See this document for the full story: Westminster_Parking.
23/12/2011 Dartford Crossing Toll Increases Postponed.  The Government issued a consultation document in August 2011 proposing that charges on the Dartford Crossing should be increased to 2.50 per car (currently 1.50). The ABD suggested the consultation was a pretence because the financial analysis in the consultation document was incomplete and hence false. See Dartford_Crossing_Consultation for our response. Due to the number of objections, the Government has now decided to postpone a decision on this matter and it seems charges are unlikely to increase in the next year.
23/12/2011 Westminster Residents and Businesses Oppose Westminster Parking Charges. There has been a lot of opposition in Westminster to proposals to impose parking charges in the evening and at weekends. Westminster already collects more in parking charges than it does in council taxes. A judicial review has been invoked which has caused the council to delay implementation. See this newsletter for more information: News_29
08/05/2011 Permit Parking Charges.  London residents are facing sharply rising charges for permit parking and Barnet residents have launched a legal action to halt them. See Press_036 and our recent newsletters for more information.
12/01/2011 Speed Cameras Do Not Save Lives. The ABD issued this press release and a detailed analysis rebutting the claims published by the RAC Foundation: Press_034
06/12/2010 ABD Launches Campaign Against 20 Mph Average Speed Cameras. This press release was issued to announce the launch of a campaign against average speed cameras: Press_032 . See this dedicated web site also:
23/11/2010 ABD Opposes Lane Rental. The following press release was issued after Boris Johnson called for introduction of a lane rental scheme to reduce the impact of road works in London: Press_033 .
21/10/2010 Congestion Charge Definitely Scrapped. This press release was issued covering the announcement by Boris Johnson that the Western Extension of the Congestion Charge would be terminated on the 24th December 2010: Press031 . It also contains some comments on the cuts to TfL's budgets from the Government's spending review.
18/10/2010 Profiteering from Parking. The ABD London Region has published a report on the oppressive parking regime in the capital, and how London boroughs profit from it. See Profiting_from_Parking. A summary of the key points was issued in this press release: Press030
07/10/2010 Portsmouth 20 Mph Zones . An analysis of the claims by the City of Portsmouth for their wide area 20 Mph zone scheme has been issued. In essence they seem to be "gilding the lily" at best, and the claims may simply be spurious - see this document for the full analysis: Portsmouth_20Mph_Zones
15/08/2010 Additional Parking Charges and ORN Charges. The ABD has submitted the following responses to the consultations on "Additional Parking Charges" in London, and the charges to apply to the Olympic Route Network (ORN): Parking_Consultation and ORN_Penalty_Charge_Response . A press release was also issued on these subjects - see Press029 and see this page for more information: Parking
28/06/2010 Greenwich Town Centre Pedestrianisation. See this note for the proposals to pedestrianise part of Greenwich town centre with extensive changes to the road layouts: Greenwich
31/05/2010 Mayor's Consultation on Changes to the Congestion Charge Scheme and Western Extension Removal. The ABD's response to the Mayor's proposed changes to the Congestion Charge scheme, including an increase in the charge to 10, implementation of an "Auto Pay" system and removal of the Western Extension are in this document: Western_Consultation_2
17/05/2010 Mayor's Air Quality Strategy Response. The ABD's response to the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy Consultation is in this document: Air_Quality_Response
14/02/2010 Westminster to Charge for Evening Parking. The London Borough of Westminster, which covers the "West End", is proposing to start charging for on-street parking in the evening. At present it's free after 6.30 pm - see our latest newsletter for more details: Newsletter_017
29/12/2009 Mayor's Transport Strategy. Some analysis of Boris Johnson's recently published London "Transport Strategy" was issued in our latest Newsletter - see Newsletter_016 to read it and details of how to respond to the public consultation. The full ABD response to the consultation is in this document: Transport_Strategy_Response and a press release issued on this subject is at: Press028
20/09/2009 All Newsletters Now on Web Site. All past ABD London Region newsletters are now available as Pdf documents from the Newsletters page of this web site.
09/07/2009 Mayor's Transport Strategy Response. Boris Johnson has published a "Mayor's Transport Strategy - Statement of Intent" and our response is given here: MTS_Response
27/11/2008 Mayor Listens to London and Scraps Congestion Charge. Boris Johnson is planning to scrap the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge by 2010 after formal public consultation. See Press027 for more information.
01/09/2008 Consultation on Congestion Charge Western Extension Launched. The new public consultation on the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge that was promised by Boris Johnson in his election manifesto was launched today. The ABD issued this press release: Press026 and see this web page for more details: WesternCon
07/08/2008 Congestion Charging Shown to be a Failure. The ABD issued the following press release following the publication by TfL of the Sixth Annual Monitoring Report on the London Congestion Charge: Press025 . The report basically shows that congestion is back to where it was before this tax was introduced, and the Western Extension has proved to be particularly ineffective.
08/07/2008 ABD Welcomes Scrapping of 25 Congestion Charge. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has announced that the ERCC proposals are to be abandoned. See Press024 for more information.
07/04/2008 Mayor Launches New Consultation on Congestion Charge Western Extension. Boris Johnson has announced that there will be fresh consultation on the Western Extension of the London Congestion Charge, commencing in September. This was a promise in his Mayoral election manifesto. See his press release at  for more information.
17/04/2008 Mayoral Candidates Policies. The ABD London Region has issued the following note about the transport policies of the candidates for London Mayor and for the Greater London Assembly: ABD_Newsletter8_Short. Voting takes place on May 1st and do make sure you vote in what is the most important election for Londoners for many years.
21/02/2008 Mayor Livingstone Again Ignores the Views of the Public. On the 12th February, Mayor Livingstone announced he was to proceed with the changes to the London Congestion Charge which include a charge of 25 per day for more polluting vehicles. The ABD issued the following press release: ABD_Press022. Soon after we also issued the following press release about the challenge by Porsche: ABD_Press023
05/11/2007 ABD Opposes Decriminalisation of Advanced Stop Line Infringements. See our response to the consultation on the London Local Authorities and TfL Bill 2007 to see why we object to this proposal: ASL_Consultation. An article written for our newsletter on this subject is present at: ASL_Article
04/11/2007 Surveys Show Overwhelming Opposition to Greenwich Tolls. Surveys released by TfL show that residents of Greenwich and users of roads in the borough are opposed to any congestion charge scheme by 77%, with with only 16% supporting such proposals. They also show a majority opposed to the central London scheme. See the following press release for more information: ABD_Press020 . For information on our campaign in Greenwich against congestion charging go here: Greenwich
14/10/2007 Road Deaths in London Rise. Fatalities in London rose by 8% in 2006 over the prior year, and serious injuries similarly rose by 8%. See the following page for a report on these very disappointing numbers: Road_Deaths_in_London
22/09/2007 ABD Holds Public Meeting on Greenwich Road Tolls. The Association of British Drivers held a public meeting on a possible congestion charge in Greenwich on Saturday the 22nd September 2007. Over 50 people attended and a vote of the meeting showed overwhelming opposition to the idea. A copy of the presentation given at the meeting is present in: Greenwich_Road_Tolls2 . For general information on our campaign in Greenwich against congestion charging go here: Greenwich
20/08/2007 TfL Propose 25 London Congestion Charge for Larger Vehicles. Transport for London (TfL) are proposing to increase the London congestion charge to 25 for most band G vehicles (those that emit more than 225 gm/km of CO2). See 25_Congestion_Charge
30/07/2007 Thames Gateway Bridge - A Victory for the Luddites? The inspector recommended that the proposals for the Thames Gateway Bridge should be rejected after a two year public inquiry. But the Secretary of State has asked for the inquiry to be reopened. See Thames_Gateway_Bridge for the full story.
21/07/2007 London Congestion Worsening - It's Official. Transport for London (TfL) recently published their fifth Annual Monitoring Report on the London Congestion Charge. And it reveals what most London motorists already knew that congestion is almost back to where it was before the Congestion Charge tax was introduced. The report also shows that there has been no environmental benefit in terms of measurable reductions in overall air pollution on the ground. For more details see the following report: London_Congestion_Report_July2007.
17/07/2007 ABD Launches Campaign Against Greenwich Road Tolls. The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has launched a campaign against proposals for congestion charging or road tolls in Greenwich (and on the Blackwall Tunnel). See the ABD press release at ABD_Press_014 for more information, or the following page: Greenwich
22/04/2007 Tidal Flow in Blackwall Tunnel Ended. The tidal flow system that operates in the Blackwall Tunnel during morning rush hours has been ended without any notice and without consultation. Congestion at the north bound entrance is likely to worsen considerably. See the following article for more information and how to object: Tidal_Flow_in_Blackwall_Tunnel_Ended

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