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The ABD represents your interests to the Government and fights both national and local campaigns on motoring issues. We promote responsible and rational road safety, environmental and taxation policies. Help us to return to a saner world where motorists are no longer harassed by petty officialdom and your basic human right of freedom to travel is not eroded.  Joining the ABD helps us to fund these campaigns and the more members we have, the stronger is our voice.

The ABD provides a regular newsletter to members to keep you informed on the key issues, and also has both national and local meetings (picture right is of Peter Roberts, an ABD member, addressing a members meeting on road pricing). We also provide informal advice on motoring issues to members and run email discussion groups. Membership costs only £25 per annum. You can pay by credit card on-line or by cheque.


Go to the main ABD web site at for details of how to join.

This is what some of our members have said about the ABD:

"We joined the ABD because we wanted to stop the overtaxation and routine harassment of motorists"….Jonathan and Susan Newby-Robson (picture left). 

"I joined the ABD because it is the only organisation willing to stand up for UK motorists"…Richard Ashmore.

"I joined the ABD because I hate speed humps and the other misguided road safety policies the Government has promoted"…. Roger Lawson.

I founded the ABD because I could see that Government policies towards road users were totally unreasonable”….. Brian Gregory

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