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The following are some articles on transport related environmental issues in London (e.g. air pollution) - click on the title to go to the relevant page. See also the two articles on the Congestion Charge and Air Pollution and the Congestion Charge Report 2007 on this page: Congestion:

Cars and Air Pollution - The Facts

Cars and Air Pollution in the UK 

London's Low Emission Zone

Pollution Caused by Traffic Calming

Why We Should Encourage Travel (paper presented to the National Transport Conference that covers many environmental issues).

There is also a lengthy article on the Mayor's proposed Air Quality Strategy in this newsletter (Apr 2010): Newsletter_18 and our response to the public consultation was given in this document: Air_Quality_Response

In addition we made some comments in February 2013 in this Press Release on the Mayor's latest "game-changing" strategy to tackle air pollution: ABD_Press040

There was extensive coverage of the proposals for a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) covering central London in our Newsletter in May 2014 - see: Newsletter_39 , in the edition in July 2016 - see:Newsletter_51, and in the December 2016, February 2017 and April 2017 editions - see Newsletter_53, Newsletter_54 and Newsletter_55

There was also coverage of the impact of speed humps on air pollution in this newsletter: Newsletter_51



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